The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour
''11th Anniversary, 2019-ACCESS To MANIFEST"
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Welcome to 2019 -11th Anniversary-
"The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour(TM)" 
If you’re looking to connect authentically with high quality individuals, expand 'Your Net',  and expand your mental acqumen with the possibility of expanding your businesses' professional service offerings and reach, All at One Event, you’ve come to the right place!

 At the 2019 "The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)",  you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with and be empowered by Men and Women, who are Top Attorneys/Legal and Financial Experts; Successful and financially thriving Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Health Practitioners and Lifestyle Experts, all Communicating from The Heart, with Passion and providing readily implementable Wisdom in Total WellNess, Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit! 
Our event, offers the best in 'Total EmPowerment and Authentic Connections'!'

 The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour was first launched in Philadelphia, PA on October 11th, 2008, toured nationally since and now is landing it's location to the power seat of our Nation, Washington, D.C., for our 11th Anniversary Celebration, October 18th-20th, 2019! 

Register 'Today' to be apart of this spectacular Empowering and Life-Shifting and event!

This Year, 2019, marks the 11TH Anniversary of "The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour?!? (TM)", whose purpose and mission, according to it's Founder, Abigail Moats, "The Communication Expert", Transformational Speaker, Author, Human Capital EmPowerer, is to: "Empower All Attendees and Participants with The Tools in the areas of effective Communication, Business, Health, Wellness to Navigate Life More Effectively, Creating Greater Success in Every Area Of Their Lives!"

The Team of Empowerers this year, have created, scaled, operate and manage Multi-Million Dollar Businesses; are Legal Experts in Corporate, Civil and Human Rights; Entrepreneurs, Legal Experts; Financial Advisors On Money Management and Planning; Community, Political, Spiritual and Civic Leaders and Empowered Teens, ALL, sharing their Wisdom, Knowledge and Expertise to All Attendees.


"The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)" believes in Charity and Giving Back to the Community in which it serves and operates. 

This Year, "The C.W.T.?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)", will be benefiting the "TEENS 2 GreatNess Now" a Non-Profit 501 C3 that helps empower Teens to overcome Suicide, Bullying and Depression and other regional programs that empower our youth to be greater.

*The Founder of "The C.W.T.?!? National Empowerment Tour", is a passionate advocate of Teens and youth, as she began speaking professionally at 14 years of age of other Teens. 
We must work feverishly to bring Greater Awareness of the challenges of our Young People, who are our Present and Future, to their Lives now and inspire them to a greater future!!

*To see a list of  'Speaker Panelists and Participants', please click on the '2019 Participants' tab on this site.

**To learn more about the Founder, Abigail Moats, "The Communication Expert":


                                                       REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW---NO TICKETS SOLD AT DOOR!

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